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image Missoni goes for rainbow appeal for Resort 2011

The Resort collections for 2011 were unveiled in Europe this week with a flourish of colour! From rainbow embellishments at Missoni and flower prints at Stella McCartney, to bright bold greens, blues, yellows, pinks, reds and blacks across the designer ranges… a rainbow resort wardrobe is a must for Summer 2011.


Making a bright statement in the sunshine is easy with the new Resort collections from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenburg, Balenciaga and Emilo Pucci- to name a few! With retro looks such as high waisted electric blue pants, quirky skirt-suits tailored to perfection, and romantic floral dresses, the Resort collections for 2011 are set to provide the ultimate inspiration for sun-seekers world wide.


So whether you have a passion for pink or favour black and white spots, you are sure to find an outfit that will transport you into a world of cocktails by the beach, a romantic picnic with your summer crush or that glitzy pool party with camera flashes.







                       RESORT_RED_2011marcjacobs_suit_620236800.png      RESORT_RED_2011marcjacobs_spotdress_618528843.png     RESORT_RED_2011chanel_striped_dressinggown_786164148.png

Spots and Tailoring at Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 ; Striped casual at Chanel Resort 2011




                         RESORT_PINK_2011stellamccartney_suit_995075383.png     RESORT_PINK_2011stellamccartney_flowerdress_441277763.png     RESORT_PINK_2011chanel_tweeddress_494512919.png

Prim and pretty florals at Stella McCartney 2011; Pink tweed at Chanel Resort 2011




               RESORT_YELLOW_2011zacposen_dress_992274185.png      RESORT_YELLOW_2011_louisvitton_jacket_580417791.png      RESORT_YELLOW_2011balenciaga_dress_374019474.png

Pale elegance at Zac Posen Resort 2011; Louis Vuitton Resort 2011; Balenciaga Resort 2011





                 RESORT_GREEN_2011balenciaga_top_219026013.png      RESORT_GREEN_2011louisvitton_jacket_424933639.png      RESORT_GREEN_2011louisvitton_floraldress_655688338.png

Green patterns at Balenciaga Resort 2011;  Retro chic at Louis Vuitton Resort 2011





               RESORT_BLUE_2011chanel_jumpsuit_525224231.png      RESORT_BLUE_2011emilopucci_suit_810861683.png      RESORT_BLUE_2011stellamccartney_suit_457563002.png   

Blue suits all round at Chanel, Emilo Pucci and Stella McCartney Resort 2011 collections



White & Black


                  RESORT_BLACKWHITE_2011cdolce_gabbana_spotskirt_962157516.png       RESORT_BLACKWHITE_2011chanel_flowermaxi_709236062.png      RESORT_BLACKWHITE_2011balenciaga_maxi_250027641.png

Spots and Flowery Maxi Dresses at Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Balenciaga Resort 2011 collections


Classic Black 


                       RESORT_BLACK_2011dianevonfurstenburg_dress_394994935.png      RESORT_BLACK_2011loiusvuitton_650507929.png      RESORT_BLACK_2011chanel_suit_276663902.png

Diane Von Furstenburg Resort 2011; Louis Vuitton Resort 2011; Chanel Resort 2011



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    Liz Saunderson , 18 June, 2010 10:15:34
    Loving the bright colours for Resort 11! Hello Diane Von Furstenburg LBD...

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