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image Statement making colours at Milan... Jil Sander S/S 2011

Hot off the Milan catwalks for Spring-Summer 2011 the verdict is in: bold, bright blocks of colour... throw in a few neon stripes too! It seems the minimalist designers such as Miuccia Prada descided to take inspiration for next season from the sunshine spectrum! With purple stripes at Jil Sander, rainbow cut outs at Versus, and neon constructions at Merni, Maxmara, Gucci and Versace- get set for a whole lot of show stopping colours in department store windows soon!


It wasn't just the colours on the clothes that will make a statement, designers including Gucci, Marni, Fendi and Jil Sander teamed thier collections with lightening lips! Neon shades of red, pink and coral are all the rage for the Spring Summer 2011 season. However take note of bright lipstick faux pars... Make sure you keep your eye makeup neutral, and stick to a sleek minimalist hair look to balance out the lip colour. 







 Lightening Lips at Fendi and Jil Sander Spring-Summer 2011



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             BE_marni_RED_SS2011_107424356.png        BE_marni_ORANGE_SS2011_544936131.png        BE_marni_SPRIPE_SS2011_754203973.png

Marni Spring-Summer 2011 



    BE_gucci_BLUE_SS2011_887614289.png   BE_gucci_GREEN_SS2011_499465481.png   BE_gucci_PURPLE_SS2011_128672251.png

Gucci Spring-Summer 2011



     BE_jilsander_GREEN_SS2011_317723656.png     BE_jilsander_PINK_SS2011_505135390.png     BE_jilsander_STRIPE_SS2011_415054657.png

Jil Sander Spring-Summer 2011



       BE_maxmara_ORANGE2_SS2011_992480599.png     BE_maxmara_ORANGE_SS2011_606091465.png     BE_maxmara_YELLOW_SS2011_359421057.png

Maxmara Spring-Summer 2011 



 BE_prada_BLUE_SS2011_962609458.png   BE_prada_GREEN_SS2011_280081826.png  BE_prada_ORANGE_SS2011_427048717.png 

 Marni Spring-Summer 2011



        BE_versace_ORANGE_SS2011_556683781.png    BE_versace_BLUE_SS2011_669263747.png    BE_versace_PRINT_SS2011_728380134.png

Versace Spring-Summer 2011 



             BE_versus_ORANGE_SS2011_362911702.png     BE_versus_PINK_SS2011_850447970.png     BE_versus_YELLOW_SS2011_794616312.png

Versus Spring-Summer 2011 


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