Sex and the City Style

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image Unforgettable style... the SATC characters remain distinct charactures of designer fashion

Four glamorous characters. One city. Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha have held a soft spot in the hearts of Sex in the City fans for over a decade. Their distinct styles and New York adventures have rendered them unforgettable, accompanied by the waves of expensive designer fashion over the years. The recent release of the second feature film after the series, saw a whole new level of exhuberant luxury adorn these idolised women from the flowing silk kaftans, to Christian Louboutins galore.. MWW examines the looks of these lucky ladies.


The four characters have their own distinct characatures of designer fashion. So which Sex and the City girl are you? Is it the flamboyant and daring edge style of Carrie, known for her ballerina skits and newsprint dresses? Or perhaps it's the opposite, classic Charlotte, where simple elegant outfits are always order of the day? There's the fashion forward slinky style of Samantha, alluring and always willing to show off her best assets with a few splashes of 'look at me' colour? Or for the high powered working mother Miranda, in her array of svelte suits and bejewelled evening dresses?





  Sexandthecity_SAMANTHA_main_402892487.png  Sexandthecity_SAMANTHA_makeup_104793954.png

 Kim Cattrall plays Samantha; Make Up Store 'Sugar Pink' Blush and 'Champagne' Twin Gloss


          Sexandthecity_SAMANTHA_dress_Herv__L__ger_527751572.png              Sexandthecity_SAMANTHA_shoes_madameestella_834023790.png

 Hervé Léger body-con dress; Belanci 'Madame Estella' patent heel







    Sexandthecity_CHARLOTTE_main_616915251.png   Sexandthecity_MIRANDA_makeup_473337757.png

 Kristen Davis plays Charlotte; Make Up Store 'Lust' Blush and 'Mauve Berry' Lipstick


     Sexandthecity_CHARLOTTE_dress_redvalentino_208722749.png             Sexandthecity_CHARLOTTE_shoes_madamecharlotte_443786443.png

Red Valentino dress; Belanci 'Madame Charlotte' patent heel







  Sexandthecity_CARRIE_main_544839300.png   Sexandthecity_CARRIE_makeup_541477862.png

Sarah Jessica Parker works Carrie; Make Up Store 'Khalahari' Wonder Powder and 'Exit' Lipstick


                Sexandthecity_CARRIE_dress_matthewwilliamson_355850681.png           Sexandthecity_CARRIE_shoes_madamebradshaw_708674741.png

Matthew Williamson dress; Belanci 'Madame Bradshaw' platform heel







   Sexandthecity_MIRANDA_main_881726016.png Sexandthecity_CHARLOTTE_makeup_938569171.png

Cynthia Nixon as Miranda; Make Up Store 'Goddess' Eye Dust and 'Sexy' Lip Gloss


        Sexandthecity_MIRANDA_dress_matthewwilliamson_574160739.png   Sexandthecity_MIRANDA_shoes_madamecollette_985516299.png

Matthew Williamson dress; Belanci 'Madame Collette' suede heel




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