Top Trends from RAFW 2010

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image Model Samantha Harris turned heads at RAFW 2010, raising the stakes for new Australian talent

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week for 2010, came to a close last week having shown over 100 runway collections. Check out the top trends for RAFW 2010, with excluive photos hot off the catwalk!


Fashion week shocased iconic Australian labels including Nicola Finetti, Zimmerman, Jayson Brunsdon, Fernando Frisoni, Lisa Ho, Alex Perry and Gail Sorronda. This was juxtaposed with fresh young talent from the Ready to Wear, Swimwear and TAFE graduates shows, as well as debut solo shows from Saint Augustine Academy and Kooey.

So what are the to trends to look for going into Spring-Summer 2010-11 season? MWW gives you a wrap up of the Fashion Week trends straight from the runway!











 1. Neutrals


From the heavenly draped whites, to the beiges, desert sands and greys.. Neutral block tones dominated the catwalks for the Spring-Summer 2010-11 designer collections.



      NEUTRAL_RAFW1_gingersmart_neutral_141603520.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW1_uscari_neutral_890196353.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW2_fredriechgray_neutral1_330362985.jpg

Ginger & Smart; Uscari; Friedrich Gray



              NEUTRAL_RAFW2_littlejoe_neutral1_340502464.jpg    NEUTRAL_RAFW2_sabatiniwhite_neautral1_293215046.jpg    NEUTRAL_RAFW2_sabatiniwhite_neautral2_743496301.jpg

Little Joe Women; Sabatini White



    NEUTRAL_RAFW2_nicolafinetti_neutral1_591457250.jpg  NEUTRAL_RAFW2_nicolafinetti_neutral2_397216096.jpg  NEUTRAL_RAFW2_nicolafinetti_neutral4_149312784.jpg

Nicola Finetti



          NEUTRAL_RAFW4_alkemi_neutral1_368119399.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW4_dhini_neutral1_772412792.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW5_missunkon_neutral2_551007582.jpg

Alkemi; Dhini; Miss Unkon



      NEUTRAL_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_neutral1_739746630.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_neutral2_700229385.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_neutral3_376018517.jpg

Fernando Frisoni



       NEUTRAL_RAFW5_arnsdorf_neutral_296969467.jpg  NEUTRAL_RAFW4_garybigeni_neutral1_292806204.jpg  NEUTRAL_RAFW4_garybigeni_neutral3_493334884.jpg  NEUTRAL_RAFW4_garybigeni_neutral5_415320727.jpg 

Arsndorf; Gary Bigeni



      NEUTRAL_RAFW5_hussy_neutral3_604312702.jpg   NEUTRAL_RAFW3_ManningCartel_neutral1_935911998.jpg 

Hussy; Manning Cartell




2. Sheer


If one trend almost eclipsed neutral tones on the catwalk, it was Sheer. Designers explored everything from subtle layering to abstract nudity, favouring chiffon and see-though fabrics in blacks and whites... with a few rare splashes of colour thanks to Fernando Frisoni and Dhini.



    SHEER_RAFW1_gingersmart_sheer_907475247.jpg   SHEER_RAFW1_uscari_sheer_536373368.jpg   SHEER_RAFW3_annaboy_sheer1_507308172.jpg

Ginger&Smart; Uscari; Anna&Boy



   SHEER_RAFW2_fredriechgray_sheer1_279536422.jpg   SHEER_RAFW2_fredriechgray_sheer2_906909816.jpg   SHEER_RAFW3_a.concept_sheer_264666053.jpg

 Friedrich Gray; A.Concept



                   SHEER_RAFW3_ManningCartel_sheer3_896204107.jpg    SHEER_RAFW3_ManningCartel_sheer2_850232780.jpg   

Manning Cartell



                      SHEER_RAFW3_nookie_sheer1_328722317.jpg    SHEER_RAFW3_nookie_sheer2_650042008.jpg 




                               SHEER_RAFW4_Saintaugustineacademy_sheer_301187699.jpg    SHEER_RAFW4_dhini_sheer1_278820586.jpg

Saint Augustine Academy; Dhini




     SHEER_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_sheer1_338098194.jpg  SHEER_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_sheer4_759608815.jpg  SHEER_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_sheer2_169472828.jpg 

Fernando Frisoni



                     SHEER_RAFW4_TAFE_sheer2_868252249.jpg   SHEER_RAFW4_TAFE_sheer1_114675541.jpg

TAFE graduate collections




3. Girlie Pastels


Set for the Spring/Summer season, is a return to soft and frilly pastel pieces, from the likes of Miss Unkon, Annah Stretton and Nookie. Kate Sylvester presented a super cute and quirky boy-meets-girl runway show, accented with oversized white bows. Romantic pinks, whites and blues skipped down the runway at RAFW, with a touch of sexy flirtation to match. 



    GIRL_RAFW2_littlejoe_pastel2_329750960.jpg    GIRL_RAFW2_littlejoe_pastel1_789185690.jpg    GIRL_RAFW3_Jasyson_Brunsdon_girlie_386301192.jpg

Models at Little Joe Women;  Jayson Brunsdon



                    GIRL_RAFW3_katesylvester2_360585879.jpg    GIRL_RAFW3_katesylvester_girlie_175614409.jpg

Kate Sylvester



    GIRL_RAFW2_sbatiniwhite_girlie1_501478535.jpg    GIRL_RAFW2_sbatiniwhite_girlie2_952662384.jpg    GIRL_RAFW3_AliceMcCall_girlie_568653006.jpg

Girls at Sabatini White; Alice McCall



      GIRL_RAFW5_annahstretton1_975077956.jpg   GIRL_RAFW5_annahstretton3_601391301.jpg   GIRL_RAFW5_annahstretton2_454176269.jpg  

 Annah Stretton



              GIRL_RAFW5_annahstretton4_998495699.jpg    GIRL_RAFW3_annaboy2_613126437.jpg    GIRL_RAFW3_annaboy1_767875583.jpg

Annah Stretton hoop skirt; Cheeky models at Anna & Boy



   GIRL_RAFW5_missunkon_girlie1_221334077.jpg   GIRL_RAFW5_missunkon_girlie3_791520206.jpg   GIRL_RAFW5_missunkon_girlie2_693613490.jpg  

Miss Unkon embraces the classic feminitity colour spectrum: Hello Pink.


                         GIRL_RAFW5_missunkon_girlie5_613458613.jpg     GIRL_RAFW5_missunkon_girlie4_542881342.jpg



 GIRL_RAFW3_nookie_girlie1_589361434.jpg  GIRL_RAFW3_nookie_girlie4_306478959.jpg  GIRL_RAFW3_nookie_girlie2_805101199.jpg






 4. Bold Prints


Despite the wash of pastels, and sheers in neutral beiges, whites and blacks..Some designers mixed it up with bold prints! From mottled florals at Zimmerman, to pink geometrics at Fernando Frisoni and quirky patterns at Alice McCall. Romance Was Born took neon prints to a whole different level, possibly assaulting the the eyes of the more feeble..  Turn heads and make a bold bright statement for the Spring-Summer 2010/11 Season. 



             BOLD_RAFW1_camilla_kaftan1_482164398.jpg    BOLD_RAFW1_camilla_kaftan2_228564407.jpg


Camilla Franks' Avatar inspired kaftans turned heads at her Camilla S/S 2010-11 show


    BOLD_RAFW1_camilla_kaftan3_384928568.jpg  BOLD_RAFW1_camilla_kaftan4_643976223.jpg  BOLD_RAFW1_camilla_kaftan5_841616540.jpg




   BOLD_RAFW2_sabatiniwhite_boldprint_199084353.jpg   BOLD_RAFW_Bassike_515588094.jpg   BOLD_RAFW4_TAFE_bold_516419098.jpg   BOLD_RAFW4_dhini_bold1_435591044.jpg

 Sabatini White;  Bassike;  TAFE graduate show;  Dhini



            BOLD_RAFW2_zimmerman_bold1_651534442.jpg    BOLD_RAFW2_zimmerman_bold2_476511329.jpg    BOLD_RAFW2_zimmerman_bold3_684426495.jpg


Zimmerman plays with geometrics and mottled florals at the SS 2010-11 RAFW show


                             BOLD_RAFW2_zimmerman_bold4_947221110.jpg     BOLD_RAFW2_zimmerman_bold5_547269957.jpg




    BOLD_RAFW3_ManningCartel_bold1_595596000.jpg   BOLD_RAFW3_AliceMcCall_bold2_793540255.jpg   BOLD_RAFW3_AliceMcCall_bold1_237322107.jpg

Manning Cartell; Models at Alice McCall



    BOLD_RAFW1_seventhwonderland_boldprint_207407091.jpg    BOLD_RAFW5_arnsdorf_bold_364078547.jpg   BOLD_RAFW3_annaboy_bold_977122402.jpg

Seventh Wonderland;  Arnsdorf;  Anna & Boy



         BOLD_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_bold1_343683169.jpg   BOLD_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_bold2_419840979.jpg   BOLD_RAFW4_fernandofrisoni_bold3_728830534.jpg

Fernando Frisoni



                       BOLD_RAFW3_romancewasborn_bold2_255011591.jpg    BOLD_RAFW3_romancewasborn_bold_107043159.jpg    BOLD_RAFW3_romancewasborn_bold3_969669025.jpg

Romance Was Born








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