Body Image Makeover at Girl Studio

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image Promoting healthy perceptions of beauty.. Girl Studio 2010

There has been a whirlwind of media in recent months about the direction of fashion and images of beauty. With models wasting away into size fours, it seems there is a growing concern about the projection of what is healthy. Girl Studio which kicks off on Thursday 9th September at the Strand Arcade, is a night dedicated to promoting positive self-image and confidence building for teenage girls. With designer guests including Jayson Brunsdon, Alex Perry, Gail Elliot and Fleur Wood, it heralds a new step in creating a healthy fashion industry environment for the future.


In June, Minister for Youth Kate Ellis announced that the Australian Government would support a voluntary industry code of conduct on body image. With stories of overseas models dying from anorexia on the catwalks, and photo-shop scandals at Ralph Lauren, the ideal ‘thin’ model is no longer healthily attainable. Long gone are the days of the 1950s women with voluptuous curves such as Marylin Monroe, or Man Men's Joan Holloway played by Christina Hendricks. 





   GIRLSTUDIO_diet_magazine_788940413.png    GIRLSTUDIO_ralph_lauren_ad_photo_edited_773642800.png    GIRLSTUDIO_balmainmodel_1_898565404.png 

Media saturation targeted at achieving the ideals of stick-thin beauty;

Contentious photo edited Ralph Lauren advertisment; Model walks for Balmain



As Minister Ellis announced on June 24th,


"Today I am calling on industry professionals to move beyond the 'business as usual' approach and take real action to promote positive body image"


Living in an everyday world of saturated fashion media, photo touched waif-like models sends the wrong message to young women. Girl Studio’s initiative on September 9th 2010 helps to form more positive images of self and beauty for teenage girls, as well as offer unique opportunities for experience in the fashion industry. 





                 GIRLSTUDIO_marylin_monroe_275973028.png     GIRLSTUDIO_christina_hendricks_740698298.png

Real women... Marylin Monroe and Christina Hendricks




In the lead up to the event, a selection of aspiring young women will take part in a mentor program with Australia’s fashion designer greats including Alex Perry, Gail Elliot and Fleur Wood.


As Alex Perry discussed of the mentor opportunity; “I think it is so important to encourage young women to have a strong sense of self. To be aware that confidence, charisma and intelligence make a woman more compelling. Take advantage of what you have been born with, maximise it to its full potential and embrace it, rather than living a life of comparison....celebrate the differences”





The Girl Studio campaign promotes positive projections of beauty within the fashion industry



The Girl Studio events will operate all over the country in September and October 2010. For more information on events and tickets, visit:




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