Jayson Brunsdon, Kate Sylvester, Alice McCall & Nookie at RAFW 2010

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image White bows accented soft quirky pieces at Kate Sylvester

Sweet and quirky with soft flowing fabrics and high waisted designs were all the rage on the catwalks of Day Three of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010. Kate Sylvester started the morning with a breath of fresh air, in a sweet offbeat narrative of boy meets girl, featuring bows, lace socks, and knee length skirts. Alice McCall carried on the loose sheer fabrics, with musical printed silk skirts. Nookie played with casual bright prints with long trained cardigans. While Jayson Brunsdon embraced 60s style minimalism, with bell skirts in peaches, silvers and whites.













Jayson Brundon 



  RAFW3_Jasyson_Brunsdon2_287555772.jpg  RAFW3_Jasyson_Brunsdon4_439487944.jpg  RAFW3_Jasyson_Brunsdon7_741193285.jpg


Kate Sylvester

     RAFW3_Kate_Sylvester2_115298421.jpg   RAFW3_Kate_Sylvester5_278960791.jpg nRAFW3_Kate_Sylvester_857352056.jpg




Alice McCall



                         RAFW3_AliceMcCall4_153818013.jpg    RAFW3_AliceMcCall2_579283319.jpg


                  RAFW3_AliceMcCall3_334862972.jpg     RAFW3_AliceMcCall1_937336386.jpg





           RAFW3_Nookie1_363905660.jpg     RAFW3_Nookie3_902154673.jpg


    RAFW3_Nookie2_262499188.jpg  RAFW3_Nookie7_326006522.jpg  RAFW3_Nookie5_747597360.jpg





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