Potent Student Potential at RAFW 2010

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image TAFE graduate shows at RAFW10.. A futuristic wedding gown finishes the Elliot Ward-Fear Show

The NSW TAFE group runway on Day Four of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010, wowed audiences with innovative and edgy designs. Featuring the top graduates from the coveted TAFE fashion course, four students presented their debut collections to rapturous applause. The labels included Fuss, Elliot Ward-Fear, Nicholas Christensen, and the MWW personal pick, Christopher Dobosz. While there were many thrills throughout the show, the spills came when and Elliot Ward-Fear model fell in her towering platform boots, not to mention the painted ballet dancer who in mid-pirouette, lost her top at the beginning of the show!












Christopher Dobosz






         RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz4_746958309.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz3_801355296.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz5_581509260.jpg


                  RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz2_326405555.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz6_586026717.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Christopherdobosz7_644008906.jpg



Elliot Ward-Fear


                  RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear3_112389653.jpg    RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear10_999151241.jpg


                RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear4_397603676.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear6_350950290.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear7_785960351.jpg


   RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear9_224762448.jpg  RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear11_195103711.jpg  RAFW4_TAFE_elliotwardfear12_398257930.jpg





            RAFW4_TAFE_Fuss1_543984243.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Fuss4_294355324.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Fuss3_502322066.jpg


                   RAFW4_TAFE_Fuss5_541435035.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_Fuss2_825620825.jpg



Nicholas Christensen


    RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen1_502736594.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen4_812583618.jpg  RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen3_413304160.jpg


       RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen5_503690660.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen7_972522071.jpg   RAFW4_TAFE_nicchristensen9_764394422.jpg



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